Tenba Switch 10

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Photo equipment that looks good and is of high function is not easy to create but I think I found one such tool in the Tenba Switch 10. Todays photographers are capturing multimedia with small, stylish cameras that often reflect our personal style. Although we want our camera accessories to compliment that personal style, we still need tools of high function.

How I Switch

The Tenba Switch 10 was designed with both function and style in mind. Like the name suggests the Switch 10 can change the top cover depending on what style you prefer. My Switch 10 came with the standard black cover but I opted for and additional nylon camo cover and I love it. The bag looks good and functions good as well.

Although the bag is small I can fit a Lumix LX100 inside with a GH4 and two lenses, a Fiilex P100, MS2 Shotgun mic, iPad, tripod and more. Even with all this gear the entire kit is easy to cary and quick to access all gear when I need it. Whats more is because the Switch 10 is compact I can fit the entire bag into a backpack and use it as a camera divider kit.

.@tenbabags Switch 10 as a camera insert http://t.co/v9yl4oElMvhttps://t.co/VzeR75rm1A

— Giulio Sciorio (@giuliosciorio) May 7, 2015

If I’m going ultra light the Switch 10 will hold personal items like a drink, snack or perhaps my Impossible Instant Lab so I can make Polaroids on the go. In this sense the bag is true to it’s name - Switch. Sometimes I’m using the bag as an assignment mini kit and sometimes I switch it up to a personal bag.

.@tenbabags Switch 10 - good for personal items. http://t.co/v9yl4oElMvhttps://t.co/S8YSNCjpDp

— Giulio Sciorio (@giuliosciorio) May 7, 2015

The Bag That’s Disruptive

There’s so much to like about the Switch 10 I could easily double the length of the post. I won’t go on much more so I’ll focus on the strange thing that I don’t like about the bag. It’s disruptive. Yes I’ll get used to it (and I’m being serious here) thanks to the Switch 10 I’m now looking for a Switch backpack or even a larger version of the Switch to replace the bags I work out of on assignments. That bag does not exist yet but I’m hoping that the Switch is just the beginning with Tenba. The Switch 10 combines good looks, high function and affordability into a bag that deserves to be at the top of every mirrorless photographers list.

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