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Stop The Hustle Mentality - It's Killing You

I remember when Small Camera Big Picture (my camera blog that I closed down last year) started to take off. The pace was crazy and I thought that's what the blog needed to be successful. I recall telling my wife that if I could just keep this crazy pace for three years it would be a success but as I know now that's simply not true. Not only can hustling hurt your business, it can literally kill you.

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Your Website is Your Social Network

Social, Likes, FOMO and Viral are all terms that get forced into our mindspace by the minute. The pressures of trying to get more followers and not being on a particular network can cause Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) in end users. At it’s worst social media can make you feel like garbage after engaging in the networks and at it’s best it’s a pleasant way to communicate with others. Maybe it's time for your own social network?

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