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Wedding Photography tips for Brides, Grooms and Photographers - With Joseph Ellis

I discovered Joseph on YouTube while searching for tips on the Olympus E-M1 MKII and soon realized that he’s a real-deal working pro. What’s interesting is that back when I started shooting with Micro 4/3rds in 2012 the was not many pros shooting the format but today, there’s plenty of pros enjoying the smaller, full-featured standard. In this episode, Joseph and I discuss wedding photography tips for Brides, Grooms and Photographers. Then we geek out about gear.

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The Full Frame Digital Camera Game and What You Need to Know. - SCBP Podcast

The full frame digital camera game is in full effect. Full-frame (35mm sensor size) is all the rage but what’s the reality of the situation. Chip and G have a fun yet frank conversation on the state of the photo industry around the full frame camera market and help you decide if you really need one or not.

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Successful Professional Photography for Life with Tracie Maglosky - SCBP Podcast

If you were to Google “How to be a professional photographer” you’ll find posts that overly simplify the profession like 10 Steps to Being a Pro. While there might be some merit to those posts, being a professional photographer for the long term means a solid work-life balance. Too much work and you’ll burn out, too much chill time and you risk running out of money. One of the things I love about this conversation with Cincinnati based professional photography Tracie Maglosky is how well she’s balanced her busy schedule while keeping a cool head. Listen to this episode and you’ll learn that Tracie blends a healthy dose of personal wellness, family time and photographic technology to keep everything running smooth. Her, relaxed attitude, empathy and beautiful photography are proof positive that we all need to keep our lives in balance if we want success.

Tracie is an Olympus Visionary, Profoto Legend of Light, teacher, mom of three, business owner and wife just to mention a few things she’s up to.

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Togchat with Joe Edelman - SCBP Podcast

What I dig about Joe is that he’s redefined himself from commercial photographer to educator in a way that is inclusive to anyone. When I was watching his videos and live YouTube show, TogChat I was inspired, entertained and educated. What’s also cool is that Joe’s work backs up what he says in spades. As an Olympus Visionary he’s rocking smaller, Micro Four Thirds cameras and making work that’s creative and fun. While none of these things are easy, Joe makes it look effortless but that’s the magic here. If you watch his videos, follow him in Instagram or see him teach in person, you’ll quickly see what I mean.

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Micro 4/3rds is NOT Dead - SCBP Podcast

With a flood of new mirrorless bodies on the market today, we’re close to a dozen camera systems DSLR’s not included. With all the new mirrorless systems using full-frame sensors or larger, un-educated photographers came to the conclusion that Micro 4/3rds is dead. No, Micro 43rds is not dead.

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