Replay App for iOS Review and Tutorial

Replay iOS Review and Tutorial 5

In this Replay app for iOS review and tutorial we'll go over how you can easily edit stills and video into presentations. Actually, Replay does most of the work but we'll take the credit for that. :-) I sure do love documenting my chill time but editing all the media I capture is work. Since I'm in my office all day working the last thing I want to do after a weekend off is work some more. To me that work just kills the experience of my chill time so much that I just stopped documenting my time off. I'm happy to say that I handed that workload off to Replay.

This movie took me a few hours to edit with FCPX

Replay is an auto editing app for IOS that takes your stills, video & audio and blends it into a finished in minutes. While it's not the first app to do so it's the first that I can say will do a better job then I would in the same amount of time. Furthermore Replay's edits and music selection are so stylish that even hipsters can dig.

Getting Started

Replay iOS Review and Tutorial 2
Replay iOS Review and Tutorial 2

Replay works well with content captured with your iOS device but I also found it handles media I sent to it via my Lumix LX 100's built in WiFi with ease and I think this is the killer part of this app. I get to use a dedicated camera that shoots amazing video and stills yet edit the content automagically with Replay. As you ingest your media, Replay begins to edit it on the fly. It's like having someone live edit for you and the cuts are good most of the time. If you don't like the cuts you can change them latter.


Replay comes with some themes built in for free but I elected to unlock everything. The themes come in a variety of styles, some cool and some more family oriented (cheesy). That said these are the best themes I've seen on any auto editing app. I prefer more minimal cuts to let my photography do the work so I found myself using the first couple of themes most.

Replay iOS Review and Tutorial 3
Replay iOS Review and Tutorial 3

At this point if you're happy with the edit you're done otherwise you can choose different music, alter the timing of the cuts and add titles. Using Replay is fast, simple and beautiful.

Replay iOS Review and Tutorial 6
Replay iOS Review and Tutorial 6

Although Replay is free you can unlock certain features via in-app purchases. I purchased everything for $10 which I found to be a steel. Considering what I charge (or what I pay) to have video edited in house this was a no-brainer. The extra time I'll have on the weekends thanks to Replay I'll be able to take Valdese to a movie or lunch or whatever I please cause I got the time! More time with my wife is priceless but all I have to do is not edit the videos I shoot on the weekends (which is what I've been doing) and I have that time back. More me though, what makes Replay a killer app is for vlogging and BTS (behind the scenes) videos.

A BTS video I paid to have edited

In the past I paid several hundred dollars to have BTS videos of assignments edited for me. I use BTS videos to sell myself to potential clients and to show publicly how I shoot. Behind the Scenes videos have been one of the most effective ways to market my work and now Replay is going to be doing all that work for me. This year I'll save somewhere between $5,000 to $8,000 which is amazing.

Replay is elegance wrapped up in an app and I can't recommend it enough.

Replay works with most iPad's and iPhones running iOS 8 and can be downloaded via the App Store or via Replay

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