Learn the Panasonic MS2 Shotgun Mic Part 4

Now that we know how the different mic patterns work and how to get the best audio out of MS2 I have to best answer, which is best - the Panasonic MS2 or Rode Video Mic Pro? While it's easy to say which mic is best for some I felt I was never getting the most out of the MS2. Because the MS2 has multiple mic pickups it's a very versatile mic but it's also a mic that can easily be dismissed as noisy if the user does not understand how to properly use the mic.

I found that using the MS2 in either Shotgun or Stereo yields the lowest noise while mixing the two pickups increases the noise. The increase of noise is not noticeable by the time you upload to YouTube as long as you get the proper audio levels into your camera. Follow the settings I use the other parts of this series as a guide.

If you're not using a Lumix or if you're cameras are a mix of Lumix and non-Lumix you'll be better off with the Rode Video Mic Pro. The MS2 was designed specifically for Lumix cameras so it might not be compatible with other brands of cameras. That said, MS2 works great with my iPhone 6 plus using the Shoulder Pod S1 Mod.

So which mic is best? That depends on if you're a Lumix user or mixing Lumix with non-Lumix cameras. For the price the MS2 is a solid choice for any Lumix user wanting better audio. If you're mixing camera brands go for the Rode.