Learn the Panasonic MS2 Shotgun Mic - Part 1

The Panasonic MS2 was the first serious microphone I ever used. Prior to owning the MS2 I had zero experience in the world of quality audio. Thing is I always wanted to get good quality audio from my videos and I could appreciate good quality audio, I just had no idea where to start. When I turned to the web I found a handful of videos on the Panasonic MS2, most of which were not positive of the unit. With that knowledge in hand I went off to purchase about 8 other audio recorders, shotgun mics and lavaliere mics all in the sprit of finding good quality audio. My mistake was over purchasing gear rather than learning how to maximize what I had. It was wasteful, but fun, and not that all respectful of my time.

As I learned more about creating good quality audio I decided to give the Panasonic MS2 a second go and share that info good or bad, with the photography community. By diving deep into the MS2 what I discovered surprised me to say the least. I recorded a series of 4 videos of my experience with the Panasonic MS2, Part 1 is below.



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