Google Photos App First Look

The Google Photos is a hand app for photographers of all levels. If you used the Apple Photos app on iOS or OS X you'll be up to speed in minutes. While at first the Google Photos app might be compared to the Apple Photos app the only similarity they share is the logo.

The Google Photos app does some amazing things behind the scenes by organizing your photos, adding fun animated GIF's, panos, film-like effects and more. One of my favorite things is how Google Photos will combine my photos and videos into a video with edited cuts, effects and music.

The app stores unlimited (yes unlimited) 1080p videos and 16 megapixel JPEG's to the cloud but if you want to store RAWs, 4K or other files you'll dip into your Google Drive account quota. Not a big deal since you can get 15 gigs of Google Drive space for free.

Thanks to the Photos App by Google, Apple has a lot of work cut out for them if they want to compete. Personally I'm a fan of both but if I had to choose that would be tough. Maybe we'll dive in deep in a future post but for now this is just a first look at the Google Photos app.

Download for iOS, Android or use with Chrome