Fiilex P100

I love how easy to carry the Micro 4/3 system is. I often carry a few cameras, lenses a MeFoto and now a Fiilex P100. But there's this fantasy I have..or perhaps it's a challenge..maybe both. It's a fantasy to have everything I need to create animated portraits in a small bag. This fantasy is about showing up to a shoot with minimal gear, gear that does not get in my way, yet gear that allows me maximum flexibility in the most elegant of packages.

Thing is when I shoot I don't limit myself to simply animated portraits or still portraits, I'm capturing everything. It is my belief that in this day and age to be successful as a photographer, one needs to capture a hybrid of rich multimedia content for use in all forms of media. This means that I'm shooting stills, HDR, animated portraits, HD audio samples and that my post is minimal because I'm pre-processing my work in camera so I just need my iPad Air.

For me to have everything I need to create hybrid content I'll need the following -

  • At least one Lumix camera with lenses
  • Tripod
  • Audio Recording device
  • A High quality LED Light
  • iPad with LTE
  • A Bag

As you can see in this photo I'm very close to this utopia of mini-systems. It's not perfect but close. Of the items in the bag is my current favorite thing, the Fiilex P100 LED. I saw this light about a year ago and didn't pay much attention to it but I should have. I LOVE this light! The quality of the light is clean. In fact it holds it's own against any other high end LED costing thousands more. Actually it IS a high end light but it's just not priced so.

Like all Fiilex lights the P100 is color tunable which means by simply turning a dial you can tune your color temp and intensity from 5000K to 3000K all with zero flicker (a big problem for LED's). Many LED lights will introduce flicker into your images at higher shutter speeds but not with any of the Fiilex lights I used. Add a small, interchangeable battery pack and a slew of light mods (I'm using a light dome in my photos) and what you have is a hearty cup of awesomeness in a light. The Fiilex P100 is my current favorite thing.

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