Carry Less, Create More - A Manifesto

There is so much cool tech available for artists today. The problem is that we can fall victim to good marketing and sexy tech which can end up disrupting creative routines. When an item disrupts my routine it usually takes me a good week or two to get back on track. This means that during the time of adjusting back to my normal routine, my creativity is diminished, my energy is lower and overall I am not the artist that I want to be.

Do I want to consume or do I want to create?

When it comes to gear, software or any potential tool, I interview the product like I would a potential employee. Then, I ask myself three simple questions. If the product qualifies it's in. If it does not meet the requirements it's out. No exceptions.

Carry Less, Create More

Does this product make my life immediately easier in some way?

Without in-depth training, the product must positively impact my life. It should not in any way cloud my mind, cause doubt or disrupt my daily creative rituals. Spending more than 30 minutes learning the basics of any particular product is simply not worth the disruption.

Will this product get in the way of creativity or will it help the creative process?

Creative tools should not get in the way of creativity, rather they should be transparent as possible allowing the artist to focus on the process of being creative.

Will this product replace something or will it add bulk to my kit?

Simply put, if the product does not replace something in my kit then it is not making my life immediately easier and it is getting in the way of creativity.