David Bowie and the New Age of Creativity

David Bowie is one of those rare artists that span across multiple discipline's and does it with mastery. One could argue that he has vast resources at his fingertips but in the the case of his latest music video "Love is Lost" he's proven that in the end, creativity is king. Rather then hiring a full crew and dealing with all the head aches of making a music video, Bowie simply grabbed his small camera and created. Bowie wrote, directed and edited the video himself in his office over the course of the weekend. Although he did have two assistants help with the weekend project the team is a fraction of what most music videos require and in the end the results look fantastic.

How "Love is Lost" Relates to Photography

Todays small cameras have loads of creative tools built in. One can shoot color and switch to a monochrome look then change to a cross processed look in an instant. Using the same looks for stills you only need to press the record button and you have a video clip with the same look and feel as your still work. Looking at David Bowie's latest video you can see that it's simply a series of short video clips cut into what can be described as a slide show.

Bowie did not use the latest, large sensor cameras, nor did he use a high end cinema camera like the Red Epic. He just grabbed the camera closest to him and created what he had in his minds eye.

The Secret to Making Great Art

One can read camera specs for days online. Sometimes its fun but are we spending more time on the gear then creating? Of all the great works of art both classic and modern which piece can you think off right now that had a focus on the tools used by the artist?

When we think about the art that moves us we think about the art and within those thoughts lies the secret to creating good art - applying creativity to the tools that you do have and go about creating.

With the latest generation in camera tech we're seeing the move from automation to intelligence. With cameras doing the heavy technical lifting what remains for the artist to focus on? Creativity.

The New Age of Creativity

What's fascinating to me is that we are now living in an age where anyone can create high end art. Just look around the loads of amazing photos on Google+ for proof that the tech is giving way to creativity.

I started shooting full time in 2005 right when the tech was beginning to level the playing field. Many pros were scared that their secrets were being "leaked" to the masses. Many had claims that this was the end of the professional photographer but little did the know that the tech would re-invigorate the profession.

I was one of the new pros that utilized the tech to quickly learn how to translate what was in my minds eye into a photograph and now into a moving photograph.

For me the process was life changing for the better and I'm excited to see this next generation of pros come fourth through utilization of camera tech and social media to create and share their work.

You are shooting with small cameras. You are utilizing tech to create the best work of your life. You are living proof that we're are in the new age.