Fine Art Book Publishing for Photographers - with Sandy Carson


When some of us think of BMX photography we think of youth-based visuals and often write off it’s credibility. As a living legend in the world of BMX, Sandy Carson elevated the genre into fine art early in his career. Today, his photography practice is a balance of commercial editorial reportage and long-term personal projects.

"I just loved the idea of any image being drawn or captured from a pencil of a camera lens. My whole family were all artists, and my grandfather was the hub and we all fed off him."

What’s fascinating about this interview is how Sandy creates his personal photography projects, turns them into world-class fine art books then leverages his fans to fund the projects.

Sandy is living proof that we live in a world where we don’t need publishers like we once did and that if you follow your passion to the max, good things happen.

Talking Points

  1. Making the transition to full-time photographer.

  2. Becoming a fine-art photographer and making a living at it.

  3. Creating photo-books from personal projects and funding those books.

  4. Working with and without a book publisher.

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