Togchat with Joe Edelman - SCBP Podcast


What I dig about Joe is that he’s redefined himself from commercial photographer to educator in a way that is inclusive to anyone. When I was watching his videos and live YouTube show, TogChat I was inspired, entertained and educated. What’s also cool is that Joe’s work backs up what he says in spades. As an Olympus Visionary he’s rocking smaller, Micro Four Thirds cameras and making work that’s creative and fun. While none of these things are easy, Joe makes it look effortless but that’s the magic here. If you watch his videos, follow him in Instagram or see him teach in person, you’ll quickly see what I mean.

A few Talking Points

  1. Navigating change in Photography.

  2. Brand Building.

  3. Micro 4/3rds and Olympus.

  4. Olympus Experience Weekend in Austin.


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