Image Alchemy with Adrian Whipp - Small Camera, Big Picture Podcast

Photo ©  Adrian Whipp

Photo © Adrian Whipp

For this episode of the Small Camera Big Picture podcast we interview Adrian Whipp of Lumiere Tintype. Adrian makes some amazing work all with his tintype camera in a little studio behind one of the most beloved restaurants in Austin, Texas. What's even crazier is that his studio is on wheels. That's right, it's a portable tintype studio that Adrian uses to travel the USA.

Some things we discuss with Adrian:

How he got started with Tintype photography.

Developing style with a 100-year-old medium.

What made him decide to start a portrait business around Tintype.

How Adrian is using strobes with his Tintype photography.

Using Tintype photography for large commercial shoots.

His new passion - Stereographs!

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