The Language of Photography - Nadav Kander

The Language of Photography - Nadav Kandar

In this episode of The Language of Photography, we examine the body of work from photographer Nadav Kander.

About Nadav Kandar

"When I was 13 I started taking pictures on a Pentax camera that I had bought thanks to my Bar Mitzvah, at which I remember the Rabbi had to ask me to bend down so as to put his hands on my head.  I was already 6 foot.  Around then, I began to look deeply at the work of Strand, Stieglitz, Weston and Atget, all of which resonated the feeling that each artist was exploring their respective lives. They made work about both their outer surroundings and their inner landscapes and their art clearly showed their individual and consistent authorship.  Weston for instance made portraits that had similarities to his drift wood series of years later, he photographed a toilet bowl that looked like his shells and nudes that looked like his contorted peppers.  This subconsciously informed me that nothing should be considered “out of bounds” to my art practice.  This has been fundamental to me."

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Throughout this episode we strive to answer the following questions about Nadav Kandar's work:

  • What can we learn from Nadav?

  • What does he do well?

  • What could be improved? 

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