The Language of Photography - Zalmy Berkowitz

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In this episode of The Language of Photography, we examine the body of work from photographer Zalmy Berkowitz.

About Zalmy Berkowitz

“Zalmy is a  hairy hermit, sharing the cave with his wife and five cave-babies. In the moments between grunting, saber-tooth attacks, fire making, home-schooling, and mammoth hunts, he records his family life on silver coated celluloid strips and complementary metal oxide semiconductors. In exchange for blankets, wheels, and fermented fish, he does the same for others.

(Switching tenses because this whole talking about myself in third person weirds me out.)

My wife and I have dreams of moving into a larger cave (with volcanic views) and starting a Jewish holistic school for other cave-babies. (Seriously, check out our 
school site).

Although generally believed to be a hipster, a notion helped by my facial hair, thrift-store wardrobe, and love of good coffee and hoppy beer; my ambivalence towards Bon Iver and my lack of flannel shirts has me convinced I cannot be boxed.”

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What does the work say to you? Do you see Zalmy's intention in his work? Does his vision represent his intention of "Documenting the Chaos?" Review the work of Zalmy Berkowitz and leave your thoughts in the comments.

What of Zalmy's website and body of work inspires you?