Rough Times for Photographers? with Romy Suskin

Photography ©  Romy Suskin

Photography © Romy Suskin

Last year was a challenging one for many of us. There’s this idea of a race to the bottom, that the career of photography is dying on the vine.

Any rookie investor will tell you, diversify your income. However, there’s this view, that to be a professional photographer, your income is only from making pictures and you’re shooting all the time, specifically for money. Let’s dispel the myth here. We all do things in addition to act of photography but does that make us any less of a photographer?

About this Weeks Guest, Romy Suskin

Romy Suskin Photographer

There's a saying "We don't see people as they are, we see them as we are." That motivates me to find the compassion, the sensual, the contemplative and the poetic places in the people I'm shooting. I want us all to be elevated and see ourselves with love. I think images can do that. When we see ourselves as those that love us do, a deeper self-love is possible. And that makes life better.

In perfect balance to the intimacy of portraiture is the fantasy and play that fashion allows, that self-indulgent fugue of pure delight in the material, textural, sensual and timeless. It feeds my portrait work and my imagination. Collaborating with talented people, bringing our visions together to make something that could only happen once. It’s un-precious and fun. And fun is important!

Talking Points

  • How do you market different skills without looking like a jack of all trades, master of none?

  • In what ways are we diversifying our incomes?

  • Side Hustle or Full Time?

  • Why is it important for all photographers to make some money? Recognition, forcing one to take photography seriously. Pricing issues?

  • Examining the market, are enthusiasts taking business from pros?

  • How are photographers using their unique vision to differentiate themselves?

  • Becoming a photographer is a declaration

  • Daily “Vision Journal”

  • Photography as a meditation

  • Self Love

  • What is your intention in life?

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