Your Camera Don't Matter

Your Camera Don't Matter

Maybe you own the latest DSLR or, like me, your iPhone is your main camera. Either way, your camera doesn’t matter. Back in the film days, we had to do everything manually - focus, exposure, lighting. The level of technical aptitude required to make even a decent looking image was high. Today though, every camera from a smartphone on up will autofocus and expose in fractions of a second. The tech in modern cameras frees us to create what we want and how we want it. Your work might be technically good but there’s something missing. What’s missing is a clear vision. 

Finding your vision is challenging and is lifelong work. This may not sound sexy but if you want to make good images you must put your vision first. The content you make is king. Without good content, a technically good image is like lipstick on a pig.

Your vision will influence what you wear, how you speak, the music you listen to, the company you keep and of course the content you make. Think about it this way, as you develop your vision and become self-expressed you will attract the right people, places, and things into your life. Just like creating a photograph, we need to create who we are and make authentic content that serves our community.

So you want to be a better artist and leave the tech to the technicians? The first thing you need to know is that you are enough. Who you are and what you have is good enough to build on. You’ll need a guide, that’s me - Giulio,  to help you see clearly but know that right now, you have everything you need to make a powerful body of work. 

What would your life be like if you were a self-expressed creator making the work you see in your mind's eye? Leave a comment or if you want privacy, email me.


Actions that will help you

Don’t Look to the left.

Keep an eye out for things that distract you.

Social media, new product launches, notifications on your devices are some examples that can distract. When you find yourself being distracted, take that opportunity to realign with what you were working on.

Spend time-consuming content that inspires you.

Look at work that moves you emotionally. Because you are enough, you have it in you to create inspiring content so doesn’t spend time comparing yourself right now. Just take notice of what it is about that work you love.

Delete everything from socials that does not inspire.

Social media is a powerful tool but don’t forget it’s designed to manipulate you. If you are following an account that angers you, stop following them. Notice next time you consume this type of content how you feel and the reaction your body has.


Finding the Photographers is here!

The mission of Small Camera Big Picture is to help you create powerful content that looks good and inspires. Finding the Photographers Vision is a small group coaching class where I openly share the tools I developed (and some borrowed) to help me keep my body of work fresh over the years. I’ve been told several times that when someone sees my photography, they know it’s mine immediately. I’m known to reinvent myself constantly and I want to empower you with the same ability.