The Ultimate Diaper Bag

For all the photographer fathers out there, the ultimate diaper bag. As a photographer and a dad, our bags are doing double duty to hold cameras and baby stuff. As you know, fathering takes loads of energy so the last thing you need is your diaper bag not working for you. Over the last 20 months, I worked through several bags in a quest that brought me to make the ultimate diaper bag.

I worked with the Peak Design, Everyday Messenger which is a good camera bag but is lacking as a diaper bag mainly because of the lack of water bottles. The Chrome messenger is a cool messenger bag and an very well made bag but it's too simplistic for a camera bag or diaper bag plus the giant buckle gets in the way when I'm holding Roman on the right side.

Bags of Choice

The DNA series by Tenba are ultra functional bags for photographers that get work done. What I love about the series is that the design of the DNA bags is that function follows form and to me, that functional look makes them very attractive to me. When I'm shooting or fathering (or both) I need to work fast and get the shots done, get the butt clean and not drop a baby or camera. :-)

Check out my video review on the DNA 13 if you want to know what I think of it as a camera bag but watch the video above if you want to know how to use the DNA bags as a diaper bag be sure to watch the video above. A full review of the Tenba DNA 15 Slim is in the works.

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Tenba DNA 13

Tenba DNA 15 Slim 40th Anniversary Edition