Expectations for the SCBP Reboot

Hey friends!

Back in 2011, I started Small Camera Big Picture which was one of the first blogs to talk about how cool mirrorless cameras were. The site quickly became a favorite of thousands of photographers around the world. From overcoming fears to optimizing in-camera jpeg settings, we helped each other navigate this exciting new world of photography.

The SCBP community grew quickly across social media which looking back was a distraction. The quality of the articles suffered, I became burned out and then...I pulled the plug. It was shocking to both the contributors and community and quite frankly to my family too. Ending SCBP was a mistake.

Today I’m super excited to share that I’m correcting that mistake. Welcome to the Small Camera Big Picture reboot!

The content will be broken up into two main categories - Small Camera and Big Picture.


Here’s what to expect

SMall Camera Posts Every Tuesday


Small Camera posts will be anything to do with small cameras from how to get beautiful jpegs in camera to a new accessory that will help you solve a problem. As SCBP begins to cover cameras, we'll feature both new and old camera reviews because you don't have to have the latest but you should know about the best cameras out there. If you watch the latest TWiP episode, you'll see my pick of the week is the Fuji X-Pro 1.


Big picture posts Every Thursday

Big Picture posts will cover anything photography or art related that is not directly related to hardware. Some articles will help you manage creative burn out, get funding for your personal photo projects while some others are based on my personal experience like how I landed my first magazine cover shoot while on welfare. Big Picture posts will challenge your thinking and provide you with some insight into the deeper side of the art.

In addition to Tuesday and Thursday posts Small Camera Big Picture will feature the work of other photographers including those of it’s readers and when it makes sense, expect a breaking news story.


SCBP Can help you become a better photographer

Tell the community about your struggles and what works for you.

When I first started my photographic journey I struggled to understand why f/11 was is smaller aperture than f/8. It seemed backward to me but once it clicked I grew rapidly as a photographic creator. If it’s something simple or complex please share in the comment section but if you’re a bit shy just email me and I’ll give you my best advice. Being open and honest with your struggles will tell the community how we can help you and it will help me craft useful posts for the future.

Tell the community about where you’re finding success.

Sometimes when things work out well you want to tell the world and you should. When I first discovered mirrorless cameras in 2011 I could not shut up about how much I was enjoying photography again. From that passion, I started Small Camera Big Picture. Please leave comments on articles when you have some constructive feedback or simply want to share. Got a hot tip? Fill out the contact form.

Why Beta

I want to you know that things might be a bit bumpy for a while. That's because SCBP is launching in beta. Why? The missing piece is your input. The purpose of Small Camera Big Picture is to inspire and help you in creating your best work. Over the coming weeks, I'll be asking for your input on things like layout, photography topics your interested in, even the color of the logo. I want you to love Small Camera Big Picture and so I'll be including you in some important decisions going forward. Many of you are busy with life so don't feel pressured to help.

Thank you!

I want to thank you all for the support. I've received countless emails of encouragement which has kept me going when I'm working late (like right now). Also, special thanks to my friends Jamie Macdonald and Mike Boening over at Mirrorless Minutes for the episode on me and SCBP and Frederick Van Johnson at TWiP for helping get the word out.