The Commoditization of Photography

For Creators Path Season 2, Episode 00 we're talking about the commoditization of Photography.

NSFW due to language.
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The profession of photography is shrinking. Once upon a time you would go to school for photography, come out as a photojournalist, working at a paper, shoot and get paid. Then at the end of your career pass on your knowledge to others as a teacher. If you were a commercial photographer you would assist and/or go to school, graduate and work as an assistant, eventually growing your client base so you too could become a full-time pro and eventually taking on full-time assistants as you approached retirement.

Today iPhones/iPads are now good enough to create sellable work.
Dedicated cameras sales are rocky and camera stores are closing.
Dedicated cameras have peaked out with tech.
The mid-range clients are gone leaving only the low-end and high-end markets available.

Photography has become a commodity. 

Photosesh the Uber of Photography?
Is this a good thing or bad?

Daniel Pink, A whole new mind - 2005
Information age is over, conceptual age is here
Art, Automation, Asia

Dane Sanders, The Fast Track Photographer - 2010
Freelance Photographers and Signature Brand Photographers

How to leverage the commoditization of photography?
Succeeding long term requires a vision-based approach to photography?