I walked away from a lucrative sponsorship. Thank you Panasonic!

A little over four years ago I began a partnership with Panasonic as one of the first pros to be on their Luminary team. During my time as a Lumix Luminary, I had the opportunity to teach others about photography at events like Photo Plus, Imaging USA and with smaller events at camera specialty stores. I discovered how much I enjoy sharing knowledge and inspiring people to be their best artist. Because I was using cameras like the GH3 in unique ways, I was often interviewed by Panasonic engineers as to what features I wanted to see in their cameras. What a wonderful opportunity it was to help a company like Panasonic better their cameras and it shows how much they care about their products. Also, seeing things like a tiltable EVF in the GX7 come out based on your feedback is wonderful.

Through my connections in the photo world I was able to introduce other influencers and brands to Panasonic for partnerships. Many of my close friends ended up on the Luminary team or the Associate Luminary team which I started as the Lumix Street Team.

At its core, being a Luminary to me was all about people. Connecting with people at trade shows, photo walks or in store events, this is the best part of “social media” the people.

When I started my photography business, I had a clearly defined goals, one of which was to work with a camera company and my time working with Panasonic fulfilled that goal and more. The experiences have been rewarding and educational and the people I have met have enriched my life in so many ways.  As they say, the only constant is change and as I’ve taken a look at my goals as a photographer, I’ve decided that it is time once again, to be independent. Doing so allows me the opportunity to focus more on my craft, art and photography clients.

I want to thank my friends at Panasonic and the Luminary team. It’s been a pleasure working together, inspiring each other and making a positive mark on the photography world.