GH5 RAW Processing Lightroom Tutorial

The Panasonic Lumix GH5 has been getting a ton of coverage from the filmmaking community and rightfully so. It's an impressive camera for those that want killer video under $10,000 but what about photography? Today Adobe released Camera RAW 9.9 with support so let's dive into how Adobe Lightroom handles GH5 RAW files.

The GH4 was such a good camera for me I had two for my "bread and butter" work. Namely, jobs that required a lot of still plus video shooting. Because the GH4 could work so well with both still and motion files I was not really that excited about the GH5 focusing my time working with the FZ2500 which I got to say has stolen my heart (I shot three commercial spots for a major clothing line wit the FZ that I'll talk about when they go live) so when I eventually got the GH5 I was not expecting such a beast of a camera. The EVF is HUGE the UI fast and smooth and the camera fits my hands like a glove. Shooting video on the GH5 was even more impressive but that was to be expected right?

I will say this, the JPEGs are good enough from the GH5 to take from the camera and deliver directly to my clients as I did with my first commission using the GH5. Seeing the as the JPEG quality is fantastic I was extra amped to play with the RAW files today. Thank you Adobe for such a great surprise!

The first thing I noticed is how sharp the images are. My last DSLR was a 5DMKII and I can tell you the GH5 surpasses it easy. One thing I must stress though, use good glass. I shoot most of my work (when working distance allows) with the Leica Nocticron. It's simply awesome wide open and only gets better as you stop down to f/4. Looking at the RAW files from the GH5 and Notcitron in low light excites me to no end. 

Another pleasant surprise is the dynamic range. While my shots are not a comprehensive test, what I've seen in the files so far are encouraging. With SXSW starting in a few days I'm gonna be shooting a ton with the GH5 and really push it hard. Yes, I'll have my FZ500 and GX8 too but the majority of my shooting will be with the GH5. Below is a screen cap and light tutorial on how I process RAW files in LR with a few nice surprises in there too.

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