Social Media is Peaking Out

Social media has peaked out. It has. Sorry. If you're not breaking mad numbers on IG, FB or YouTube it's over. Social media is big business, the model for monetization has been established and the big networks are not going to let anyone get big unless they pay. Why? Because if you grow a huge following on any of the major networks you have power and the networks don't like that. Similar to a TV actor being more popular than the broadcast network, the network (if they don't like what the actor is up to) will remove them from the air but since that actor has pull they can go to another network or start up something on their own.

With photography far less a profession of craft right now and more a profession of the theatrics of "YouTube pros" the same can happen with socials. The problem is people that might look like a clown without makeup, or a husband and wife team that could be sub for a televangelist can get a huge following even though photographically speaking, they have no vision and their work sucks. Of course, they are playing to the lowest common denominator of a photographer, the camera people that hoard the dpreview and petapickles battling it out over what spec makes a better camera rather than what they can do with a camera.

What's happened is that the enthusiasts what to play "professional photographer" with their knowledge base of what a pro is dated back to the 90's...back when the men's club slung massive tripods over our shoulders, kept knowledge to ourselves and were not quite open to women in the business unless of course, she was the hot model. You see these "camera people" at trade shows carrying around tens of thousands of dollars of gear, in pristine condition only to take them out to zoom into the booth model. It's gross, all of that is gross and it's quite obvious BTW so if that's you stop being pervy.

Not all enthusiasts are like this though, not at all just a section of them and their all bro's. Gross. But it's these chest pounding dudes with cameras who can't take a photo with substance to save their lives that are lapping up anything the clowns put out. But enough about those toolbags....

Try this - take all your social apps of your iPhone and give it a few weeks. You might start getting emails from IG saying your got new followers. How? They're playing some type of algorithm game here, to get you back on their network. Or go battle it all with all the Trump bullshit on Facebook. Got a cool photo to share? Good luck penetrating that noise and for what? I've been deep into socials now for 6 years and it was ok up until 2015 with things began to peak out. Major brands that would pay me about $3000 per image for socials began to ask for three motion pieces for under $3000. I said hell to the fucken no and sometimes they found someone else that could shoot something decent if the lighting was perfect or they didn't find anything at all like MacAllan. Most "influencers" can't light. A pro can make something from nothing.

I started work on moving portraits (aka Cinemagraphs) back in 2009, got into mirrorless in 2010. I lead, slithery copy artists and smooth talking marketers follow me to gank concepts they have no clue about but will sell the shit out of it anyways. That's my fault for diving into the snake pit without a torch but now my fire is hot as hell and I know what's coming next and next after that because I'm making it. Besides, if you're playing full out you don't have time for fears and you definiatly don't have time for socials. Never forget Facebook is in the social media business but you ARE the business.