7 Reasons why I'm not getting the iPhone 7

Yesterday my wife and I watched the Apple keynote for the iPhone 7, Watch and other Apple goodness. We enjoyed the presentation as to be expected and the iPhone 7 does look fly as f*ck. Here's why I'm holding off getting anything for now.

My iPhone 6 Plus is still quite good

Normally when a new iOS device is announced, magically my current device starts t slow. Could be in my head but I'm sure it's not...or I'm crazy. 😳

The iPhone 7 Plus camera is rad, for a phone

With dual lenses and raw capture, the new iPhone 7 Plus is no doubt a fantastic camera for a phone but it's not even close to a dedicated camera. I love small cameras so between my Lumix kit I'm covered and if I want to go ultra small I have a DXO One, both of which will be far better than what comes with the iPhone 7. 

Saving 💰is good

In the next week, all of my iPhones will be out of contract. This will save me roughly $20 a month per device which is not a lot of money but that's something. More than that, each iPhone is close to $1000 out the door regardless how you purchase it and that's real money to me.

Waiting will give developers time to update their apps

I'm certain that all my apps will work with the iPhone 7 but new apps that take advantage of things like dual cameras will take some time to come out. 

Current accessories might not work with the iPhone 7

With my iPhone 6 Plus I use things like Olloclip lenses to microphones from Rode. I'm not so concerned about the Olloclip lens but the Rode Mics 🎤 I love to the max. I just purchased a Rode Video Micro to use with my dedicated cameras and with my iPhone. According to Rode, it might not work with the iPhone 7.


The rush to purchase can be stressful

not a major deal but I'm not that interested in managing multiple computers at midnight to puchase a couple iPhone 7's. I get two, one for me and one for my wife. 

The setup of a new device is a distraction

this is not a big deal but setting up a new device takes time away from other things like running my business. It's kinda fun for the geek in me but the reality is that I could be using that time to grow my business and that's more of priority than a new phone for now.

Will I purchase an iPhone 7? Definitely but I will wait until I can calmly walk in and get one and make sure that most if not all of my accessories work with it. The iPhone 7 is important for Apple but it's not as important for me at this time. I'm happy to focus on what's important: creating.