VSCO Ends Sync Support, Users Could Lose Photos


Yesterday VSCO sent an email to their users notifying us that of August 12 they will no longer support photo syncing across devices. What this means is that if on after August 12 you delete the app from your device the photos get deleted with it. Here's how I see this and the action I'm taking.

Up until VSCO purchased Artifact Uprising their business model (at least publicly) consisted of selling in-app photo looks and Lightroom presets.

Running a business that's dependent on in-app purchases must be challenging and risky. Personally I don't use VSCO presets for Adobe Lightroom. The color looks in the iOS VSCO Cam app exports full res which is fine for me when I wanted to play with film emulation. Also the Lightroom presets cost hundreds of dollars whereas purchasing every preset in-app would cost less than $50 which is what I did.

The refresh of the VSCO cam app that left core users confused and quite frankly pissed off at the changes. Add to that the rather abrupt end of sync I'd say there's something going on behind the scenes at this small company. Companies of all sizes either grow or shrink and as a VSCO user these moves quite frankly concern me.

I finished two assignments with the VSCO cam app and even featured it in a upcoming collaboration with The Phoblographer and Mac Group but at this point I came to the conclusion that I will no longer work with this app. Similar to my wavering trust in Apple I can't trust my images to VSCO. Reading between the lines, there's too much rapid change within VSCO and the end results is that features are being removed or changed with an adverse affect on functionality. When a change in a tool can result in the degradation of your work it's time to move on but when that change can actually cause you to loose work it's time to leave right away.

Experience tells me that yet again all roads lead to Adobe. Creative Cloud continues to become more feature rich and with the recent addition of raw file support on Lightroom Mobile why would I use anything else. This is not an article on why CC is great but it's the industry standard for a reason. Adobe software has been more consistent over the years than Apple or Microsoft. Their apps continue to evolve with overtime and I trust them. Also consider that Apple seems to be spinning plates so as a CC user it's not a far stretch to see a move to Windows 10 in the future. As a business owner I'm loyal to the platforms that help me grow my business. Consistency over time is key to growing a business and quite frankly the experience of CC on any platform is the same.

The righting may be on the wall for VSCO, I'm not sure but I'm not hanging on to find out.


VSCO: Retiring VSCO Sync as of August 12