Lumix GX8 and G7 Wireless Multi Stobe Setup Guide

Lumix are known for their industry leading video features but they're quite good for still photography as well.

Panasonic quietly released a simple but powerful upgrade for Lumix users this week allowing you to add wireless flash control to a function button on the back of the camera. What this means is if you have a multi-stobe setup, you can quickly control the output of each unit while you're shooting. You do this by accessing the wireless control via a Fn. button of your choice. In the past, you would be forced to deep dive into the menu system just to access the menu.

The instructions are for the GX8 but are very similar to the G7.
If you have a G7 or GX8 you can download the firmware directly from Panasonic.

GX8 and G7 Wireless Multi Stobe Setup Guide

Step 1 Activating Wireless Flash from Rec Menu

  1. Enter the flash sub-menu on page 5 of Rec Menu
  2. On Page 2 of the Flash sub-menu turn "Wireless" to ON
  3. The Wireless flash control menu is now activated by pressing the Fn. button you'll assign it to in step 2.

Step 2 - Add Wireless Flash to Fn. Button

  1. Custom Menu, Page 7 "Fn Button Set"
  2. Choose "Setting in REC mode"
  3. Choose the button you want to add wireless control to and you're done.

The steps above work for most Lumix cameras however I only tested them on the GX8, GH4 and G7. Got any tips to share? Leave a comment.

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