Weekend Warrior

Not soon after I became passionate about photography, I left corporate America to pursue it full time. I quickly found out the harsh realities of the business. Because I now had a business to run, most of my time was spent finding work rather than making art. Today, I'm like most professional photographers, balancing several income streams and in between making time to practice my craft.

This week, I talk with Indianapolis photographer Steve Brokaw, who has two full time professions - Finance and Photography. We talk about how to balance between corporate and art careers, grow at both and how one can get started as a Weekend Warrior.

This Weeks Guest

"I'm your typical FINANCE executive wonk by day, photographer by night.

When I'm not doing my day job thing I'm an accomplished photographer based out of Indianapolis Indiana. 

My focus in photography is commercial & editorial fashion and portraits.  My second focus is street photography, but this is mainly for giggles.  For street photography I use all types of cameras & formats including analog cameras ranging from 35, 120 and Polaroid formats.

I operate out of M10 Studio in downtown Indianapolis."

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