The Only Constant is Change - With Patty Kaufman

Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote, "the only constant is change" which is true, but it seems for years this wisdom seemed to have missed the photo industry. When I first began photography (in the film days), we captured with film which was kept in the dark until it was time to reveal the finished work. This concept of keeping information in the dark spilled over to knowledge share; photographers would keep their secrets in the dark, guarding them carefully.

Today's professional photographers are sharing knowledge at a rapid pace and secrets are no longer a thing.

My long time friend and mentor, Patty Kaufman was one of few professional photographers who helped me early on and also one of few female photographers in a sea of white men with beards.

For this episode with Patty, we talk about what changed in the photo industry and what remained the same now that the men's club of secrets is long gone.

This Weeks Guest

Patty Kauffman is owner/operator of It's U Photo, a Phoenix based photography business specializing in small business and event photography.

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