The New Standard - With guest Sarah Frankie Linder

For years, the standard of photography was creating images for print and most often, it was a mancreating images for print. Fueled by technology such as Instagram, there's been a growing demand for a new standard in photography, a standard where the art is first and foremost the product of a creative mind...and what's more, no one gives a damn who's creating the work when the work is good.

After talking with Sarah Frankie Linder, it's easy to see that photographers like her are representing the new standard. Blending high levels of photographic skill, business sense and top notch creativity is just the beginning of the story of the new standard in photography.

This weeks Guest

In the space between today’s design-fueled culture and serendipitous humor, you’ll find photographer Sarah Frankie Linder behind the lens. Sarah has a knack for photography’s new standard — fusing movement, space, charm and all the key ingredients into one. You could describe her photos as a “reality show for the modern age”, where form becomes jealous of function, and the finale is an unfiltered smile.

Where you can find Sarah