Your Website is Your Social Network

Social, Likes, FOMO and Viral are all terms that get forced into our mindspace by the minute. The pressures of trying to get more followers and not being on a particular network can cause Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) in end users. At it’s worst social media can make you feel like garbage after engaging in the networks and at it’s best it’s a pleasant way to communicate with others. Maybe it's time for your own social network?

Time for a Reality Check

Let’s not forget about the glorious technology called email or….read for this?….a phone! Yeah you can call someone you care about on the phone. Quite frankly if someone wants to chat with me they can email me through my website. If that’s too involved for people no problem, I get that you’re busy.

Facebook is the shopping mall of social media

Facebook wants to dominate your online activities - shopping, health, location whatever. Want privacy? Not on Facebook. While Zuck wants everyone to be transparent have they been with you?

Beomyoung Sohn

Beomyoung Sohn

I think of Facebook as a shopping mall of social media. It’s a Walmart where laughs are cheep, posts are tabloid and when you leave you don’t really feel good. A website is a small business where you can talk directly with the shop owner and if you purchase anything through their store front you’re directly helping that business and those that rely on the business to support them. 

Life after Facebook

My wife and many, many people are leaving Facebook. Where are they going? Nowhere. The same place they always been, they’re enjoying more time in reality being present and interacting with real people. As of this writing I’m on a Facebook Detox, only using Facebook for my business page. So far I’m more productive and feel better too.

The best social networking is in person

When was the last time you met new people, smiled at them and shook their hand? It’s real social networking, real people and a real connection. Let’s get real - are you really friends with your Facebook friends?

Your Website is Your social network

Facebook has a history of experimenting on their users, changing privacy policies to serve ad sales and making it quite hard not to do things their way. A website on the other hand is your social network where you can write what you want, post what you want and people can have real conversations with people. Besides, is it that hard to write an email to someone?

With social media all roads lead to Rome. Think of Facebook and other social networks as the orbiting planets but the center of the solar system is your website. Spend more time making awesome content for you on your website rather than consuming the trash that’s lining the streets of Facebook. It might be strange at first but at the end of the day you’ll feel better and potentially be more productive too.