Three steps to dealing with self-doubt for Creatives

Today I'm dealing with that little voice in my head. No, I'm not crazy. Not fully crazy at least. That voice is our lizard brain. It's the one that helps us out of danger or shady situations but when it's bored it starts up by dissing us. It's that damned voice that tells you you're not worth it or your ugly or whatever. It's that voice that never shuts up it's judgements, the one that cautions you before you make a big career move and that one that is now telling me to stay on vacation. We all have that voice of doubt. Here's how I work with it.

Acknowledge it

I never ignore the voice because sometimes it's right. It's like a nagging friend that wants the best for you but is a downer 24/7. If I ignore the voice it can become something louder and often negative too. I simply say, verbally or in my head, 'thank you' and continue with what I'm doing. I handle fears in a similar way.

Write about it

I can't emphasize enough how important it is to write daily. I start out my morning by writing my thoughts out. My goal is for a 1000 words which might sound like a lot but it's not really. When I wake up I'm not moving fast. I'm a sloooow riser so I just wake up extra early so I can write. Usually writing takes me a good 30-45 minutes but getting my thoughts out frees up my brain to do other things and shuts the voice up quite good. Most days I don't know what I'm going to write about and while most of what I write is crap it's crap not held onto in my head. Here's the best part, pretty much every time I write I get something good. Even if it's a nugget that I can build onto later I get something good. For instance this article started out as a journal entry.

Take Action

As a boy one of my favorite types of toys was the action figure. It didn't matter what kind of action they were up to they were doing something awesome and because of that I wanted to play with those toys. As adults when we take action not only does our internal dialogue quite down some but our actions attract others to come play with us. So not only does taking action help us grow but it attracts people to us who want to play as well.

That's my formula for keeping my internal dialogue satisfied and quiet. If my inner lizard brain finds that I'm in a situation I can count on it to help me but with everyday stuff I kinda want to keep the beast in it's cave. Writing this article, which started out as part of my morning journaling, started out as acknowledgement which I then wrote about which was also the action. Now I'm ready to seize the day by taking more action which will build into a powerful week.

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