Why I'm taking a Facebook Detox for 30 Days (or Longer)

Seems like every time I get onto Facebook lately I’m bombarded with tabloid news, political garbage or people cramming their Facebook activism into my mind space. Add to that the constant nagging of the mobile apps to allow notifications, access to my contacts and other things that go against my own privacy policy make me want to leave the social network with a middle finger to the sky. Rather than leave in a blaze of FU glory I'm taking a month off of the network to see how I feel after. I'll be using the time to create and share awesome content on my website which I think is a better use of my time.

You are the Business

There’s a line in one of my favorite movies Bladerunner where Rachel tells Deckard “I’m not in the business. I am the business” and if you’re on Facebook you are the main profit center of their business. Don’t ever forget that Social Media is advertising speak for Marketing Platform. The more you interact with Facebook the more billions of dollars of ad revenue Zuck and Co makes. Same for Google.

Today on my sixth anniversary to my rad wife Valdese (who’s not on Facebook) I decided to take a month off the social network. I don’t hate Facebook but I don’t care for it much either. I’m not replacing my Facebook time with another social network I’m spending that time doing other things like living a life in the present, making stuff and connecting with people in the flesh.

Time well spent

Time well spent

Since I am a believer that your website is your social network I have GiulioSciorio.com set to automatically push posts to my Facebook Page and Twitter but I’m staying clear of of my personal Facebook page and Facebook Messenger. This site is powered by Squarespace and in another post I'll tell why I moved to Squarespace from Wordpress.

If you want to reach out send me an email.