The Post PC Era has been here for years

We're in an interesting time of computing. Somewhere between PC to post PC. Steve Jobs declared the PC era to be over to some public ridicule but he was right yet again. I'm so bummed we don't have him here on earth to keep us moving forward. We need visionaries like him to help us understand what's happening and to challenge conventional ways of thinking. Truly though, the PC era is over. Apple knew it and now Microsoft knows it. Microsoft is moving from the PC to mobile whereas Apple started fresh with iOS and is building out that OS into something quite robust. After trying Microsofts approach for over a year I realized that Apple's way was best for me and I believe it's the same for the majority of people whether they believe it or not.

The iPhone and iOS was designed so well that most don't even realize that the future of computing has been here for almost a decade. We use our iPhones more than any other computer. Ever take your PC with you to dinner? Ever use your PC to call a cab on a busy city street? When was the last time you used your PC to take those priceless photos of your loved ones? Yet with the iPhone we're doing it and not thinking thinking twice. Using an iPhone has become so in grained in our culture that it's on par with how we use electricity. We're not thinking about it were doing.