Why I chose the iPad Pro over the Surface Pro

After living with the Surface Pro 3 for a year I switched to an iPad Pro. Did I loose my mind or am I making sense?

Last year was a transitional year for me. I was living a life with my main squeeze OSX/iOS but flirting with Windows and Android as possibilities.  For a while I thought I was going to fully switch from OSX and iOS to Windows and Android. The Surface Pro 3 with it's full OS and size are amazing in a future forward kind of way and I use Google apps constantly. But when Apple announced the iPad Pro I was a bit surprised and not in a good way. How could Apple not offer a backlit keyboard? How could Apple not have a full OS I thought. I was harsh in my public criticism and yet here I am typing away on an iPad Pro 12.9 and loving it. WTF happened?

I didn't understand the iPad Pro and Apple's vision. 

Apple and Microsoft have similar visions for the future of computing but both are heading from opposite directions. With Windows 10 Microsoft has taken a robust OS and began to simplify it into a mobile platform while Apple has taken a simplified mobile OS and is slowly making it more robust platform.

I'm a huge fan of both Microsoft and Apple. They're both doing some amazing things with technology and the people I met at both organizations are awesome. That said I had to do what's best for how I work and when I got real the answer came to me with ease.

It's important for everyone to have a balance between the virtual world powered by devices and reality. Going back to basics with my photography helped me to find my vision as a photographer and transformed how I think about my work. It's when I applied the same principles that I teach in my creativity workshops to my daily productivity that I had a 'come to Jesus moment' and I had my answer.

I noticed that I'm doing more and more work on iOS. I mean noticed because I was doing more work on iOS without thinking about it.  That's the key. I was being more productive without having more effort. That's a huge! It was when I was teaching at the Out of Chicago Portrait conference last weekend, running my presentation on iOS, that I made the decision to get an iPad Pro.

Yes, I can't hookup a hard drive or do other traditional computing things with iOS but how often do I need to? Since I was doing most of my work on iOS with cloud based tools it made sense to see how much more productive I can be with the iPad Pro.

I'm under no illusion that some of what I do I'll have to be on OSX and that's fine. I have a MacBook Pro that's replacing my old MacPro tower. That tower is might be the last traditional desktop I'll ever own. Now I'm thinking that the iPad Pro might replace my MacBook Pro.  Here's how I see my my overall gear:

MacBook Pro replaced my MacPro and it's portable when I need it.

iPad Pro replaced my MacBook Pro and is portable when I need it.

This is similar to what I did with my cameras when I replaced my DSLR with LUMIX Micro 4/3 which is smaller, smarter and easier to use than any DSLR.

The argument that a Surface or a DSLR can do somethings more, better, different is understood but ask yourself; Are you actually doing more or are you in love with the Idea that your gear can potentially do more? I'm actually creating far more on iOS and LUMIX and with less effort. To me, that's what matters most.