A lesson in how to See



What's amazing about learning photography is that you're really learning to see. To see you must learn to be present of your environment and to be blunt what's in front of your eyes.

The rest is knowing how to navigate the maze of tech that we have available to us. This is why I love working with a dedicated camera more than an iPhone. When I turn on my camera I'm not being bombarded with notifications nor am I tempted to check socials or email. This helps me be present and capture the image that's in my minds eye because I am present.

Leaving the Staples Center while attending Adobe Max, not having my face in my phone I was stopped in my tracks by this image. What I was present to was the beauty of nature and our challenge as a species to balance nature with he artificial.

The capture was made with the LUMIX LX100, I sent the image to my iPhone via wifi and toned in @vsco