Why Vision is Key to Photography

GX8, Speedmaster f/.95

GX8, Speedmaster f/.95

One of the many things I love about photography is that it's a window to how you see the world. Your vision is a unique one which becomes clear as you develop your skill at seeing. Vision will last a lifetime and be a legacy of your time here when you're no longer around. Developing your vision takes time and focused effort but it's certainly doable. There are no shortcuts to developing your vision but there are tools you can use to help the process.

I'm offering classes on Finding the Photographer's Vision this year which I detail out how I find and develop a vision for my work. Most all classes are sponsored by my friends at Lumix who believe, like me, that photography is changing. A camera company that backs a class that's less about cameras and more about creating is a bold move and show's just how dedicated Lumix is at helping photographers regardless of camera brand they use, to be better artists.

What's more, if you join me for Carry Less, Create More photowalk you'll be practicing the lessons from Finding the Photographer's Vision with me as your guide.

Be sure to visit the Event's page to see times and dates but if you don't see a class close to you be sure to ask me and Lumix about it.

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