Being OK with Imperfection

LUMIX GX8, Speedmaster 25 f/0.95

LUMIX GX8, Speedmaster 25 f/0.95

What's more important, the technical aspects of the image or content that makes up the image?

I remember early in my career being obsessed with making the image perfect...shoot at a low ISO so I could get a clean image, make sure the lighting is perfect, make sure the talent it perfect etc..

It's good to work hard with the intention to make the image as best as it can be technically but is it not more important to consider what content makes up the image?

For years I was obsessed in making the technical aspects of my work flawless but what I ended up with images that were lacking a conversation. I'm on the flip side of this now and am more interested in what's going on inside the photo. Perhaps because I'm older in my career but I find the conversation of the content to be of far greater interest than just a flashy image. Am I happy with the work? If it's a commission is the client also happy?

I'm ok with imperfection.