TBT 1990's Miss Lala

Miss Lala is one of the first photographs I made that fueled my passion for photography. I remember walking with my papa in South Beach in the early 90's when he spotted her. My dad is never one to be quiet about something that excites him and I remember him saying "guarda! guarda!" while putting his hand on my shoulder in excitement at what he saw.

Snoozing next to one of the many restored Art Deco buildings in Sobe was Miss Lala (not her real name) who was beautifully strange in her own way. I was a bit intimidated to talk to her so I quietly snapped the photo and continued on my walk with my papa.

Later that day I got my film developed in one of the many E-6 labs that seems to be on every street corner in Sobe back then and was super happy to see that the shot came out great! I was still learning how to shoot chrome, which is not as easy to expose right like negative film, so to get the exposure right and get a good image was a big deal to me.

Latter on I had the slide drum scanned so I could play with the image on another new thing I was learning - Photoshop.

Years later on another trip to Miami I saw Miss Lala in the same place. She looked much older and not doing so well. I didn't photograph her again because I wanted to remember my experience with her as I captured it year before. I don't know what happened to Miss Lala but if I could tell her something I'd want her to know how beautiful she is and that she touched my life in a positive way.