LUMIX GX8, Speedmaster 25 f/.95

LUMIX GX8, Speedmaster 25 f/.95

Before digital anything there was analogue everything. Overall we took far more pride in crafting analogue since what was being made was usually more time consuming and without no undo button crafts people had to get it right the first time.

With all the good things that digital technology brings what we miss out on is being present to the craft of what we're creating. Because digital tools allows us such freedoms as an undo button we often work quickly to finish the process and move on. For some things the speed that digital brings is a blessing but for some things like learning a craft, digital tech can be a barrier to creating.

It's important now more than ever to have an understanding of how analogue fits into a digital world, to know when to speed up (digital) and when to slow down (analogue) a process. The trap of digital technology is to see it as a shortcut to success which it is not. Photographers that don't understand the basics of exposure and composition will not lean the fundamentals simply because they're using a digital camera. The tools with digital technology might make one think they are learning when they might not be learning fundamental skills necessary for long term success therefore it is more important than ever to use analogue processes in ones work.

More so we need to focus on being present when creating and in life. Creating with analogue processes forces us to slow down and become present to what we're creating. With analogue as the constraint we're thinking about the outcome and what we need to construct to make that outcome a reality. With digital we're often stabbing in the dark hoping to find something worthwhile.

As tech companies being to understand how to better incorporate analogue into digital tools we're seeing tools like Apple Pencil, record players with USB and in-camera film emulation settings for mirrorless cameras. Although a digital solution regardless of how "analogue" it seems, will never replace true analogue solutions, these hybrid tools can be helpful for creating. For photography, a good exercise to become present is to simply use manual focus, manual exposure and shoot JPEG. These constraints will help you to slow down and become present of what you're capturing. Furthermore add an intention of what you're creating and you'll see some real creative growth.