Love People, Use Things

DXO ONE, Ilford Pan 400

DXO ONE, Ilford Pan 400

Yesterday my friend Karaminder hit me up cause he was in town for a workshop. Working solo from home I often get caught up in my things that I'm using so much so that I forget people. Sadly for a moment I was debating if I should work and not hang with Karaminder. I can't believe it but when I thought about it I felt like I was pondering if I should live-to-work or work-to-live. The balance was for us to get a quick lunch then come back to my place to work before I took Karaminder to the airport. We both needed to work and it was good to hang at least long enough to get this selfie before we hit the road.

The selfie was the lesson for me - Love people but use things.

I'm making it a point to take a selfie with everyone I'm working with. While I probably won't post them all the point is to stop working, smile and capture a moment of friendship. Work can wait.