How to be a Better Creator

LUMIX GX8, Speedmaster 25 F/.95

LUMIX GX8, Speedmaster 25 F/.95

It's easy in modern life to look for shortcuts to better ourselves. Truth is, and I'm sure you know it, shortcuts in life don't exist. Within the world of photography we're bombarded with pre-sets, plugins and other gizmos that promise to help us become better at creating. Photography tools are just inanimate objects so let's not blame the tools. To be a better creator one has to look within. That might be boring or scary but that's the reality if you want to level up. Define who you are or who you want to be then create based on that.

If you're creating based on your true self then the tools you choose will plug in nicely with who you are as a creator. When you choose the right tools and apply your unique vision what you're creating can only be made by you. This is how you find self expression, authenticity in creating and at the end of the day you evolved as a creator.

For professional creators, if you're creating as your true self finding work that's fulfilling while filing your bank account is easier than creating trash for cash. If you're a creator for passion you're able to grow in the path of least resistance.

You didn't just arrive here on earth you were created. It's inside all of us to be creators. Become a better creator by starting within.