TBT March 2003 Anti-War Protests San Francisco Part 1

The March 2003 Anti-War Protests was a pivotal time for me as a photographer. At the time I was living in Flagstaff Arizona where I moved to find inner peace after the dot-com bust of 2001. Northern Arizona is a place of peace and tranquility for me so when I visited San Francisco for the first time I was surprised and delighted at the activities going on to protest the war.

Never before (or since) have I experienced such unity among people. Everyone was against the war for oil including many police who were far more kind back then than now. People from all walks of life unified to voice their upset at the US going to war again.

I had with me an early digital camera so I was able to capture far more images compared to what I was used to with film.

As I was moving within the massive crowds of protestors I came upon a group of yogi's who sat down in front of group of police officers who by the looks of them didn't want to be working that day.

The contrast of the dark clothed police officers with a beam of light on the yogi's was gripping. I had to capture it. Later in post I converted the image to monochrome and added some grain.


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