How my Instabreak Helped me to be a Better Artist

Social media (aka marketing platforms) can be both a blessing and a curse. Connecting with people I might not be able to otherwise is wonderful and sharing what I create is also good. Getting caught up in the tabloid Facebook posts, FOMO and comparing ourselves to others is not cool and no matter how you feel, social media is a time suck.

Rather than trying to keep up with my feeds I cut back. While this might seem strange for a photographer that works deep in the social trenches I gained some major insights into myself and my life. Taking a month off of socials has been refreshing and I recommend it to everyone.

Some things I've done in a month off of socials

  • Wrote a rough draft of what might end up being a book on creativity, a podcast or both
  • Discovered my true self as a creator
  • Redesigned this site and updated my portfolio to reflect my true self
  • Walked many, many miles around Lake Austin with my wife and friends
  • Took up aerial photography with my 3DR Solo
  • Shifted my conversation to focus on creativity

Taking time off of socials helped me center myself on what is important to me and that's people, family and art. In my downtime from socials I met a lot of new people and created some good work which I'll be sharing here starting today.

Taking time off from socials is important for everyone to do. While I'll continue to post to my IG and FB page I won't be interacting much with my personal Facebook. Want to be social with me? Drop me a line or connect with me in person.