Portrait of Sara

I see my life is a endless stream of opportunities. As I get older I'm able to both see and appreciate the opportunities as they present themselves. Being able to consciously identify life's opportunities, both big and small, helps me make the right choices to live powerfully. When I see opportunity make itself available to me I can choose to take it on or leave it and be satisfied with my choice.

Shortly after the launch of the Lumix GH4 Panasonic held a meeting in LA to educate and inspire their key dealers. Part of this inspirational course was demonstrating how a professional works with the new technologies introduced in the GH4 and since I was working with a prototype GH4 for some time I was asked to teach at the event. Obviously this was an opportunity to take on.

I hired my friend Sara to be the model for the demo in the sessions I was teaching with Mark Toal of Panasonic. In our sessions, we were showing off the focus tracking and how to pull frames from 4K video (this was pre-4K Photo). It was in between these sessions I had another opportunity that I could not pass up. Of all the toys at the event what caught my eye was the hand made petzval lens Mark had brought with him. A petzval lens is a particular design in that it swirls the bokeh in such a unique and pleasing way, I could not pass up the opportunity to shoot with it. While we were on break I grabbed Sara, the lens and headed outside. The following were made with a prototype Lumix GH4, handmade petzval lens, shot in JPEG.


Up until a few days ago I had forgotten about these images of Sara that I had made in a few minutes between classes. If I had passed on the opportunity I might have regretted it, thought about what it might have been like to live that experience and of course not have the images to share. When life presents opportunities take action. In the world of photography the actions will pay you back in ways you might not realize until later.

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