Portrait of John

Unless I'm mid-detox I don't leave my home without a camera on me. No I'm not talking about a smart phone, I mean a dedicated camera with real buttons and dials.  As much as I enjoy using a smart phone its times like this that I'm grateful to have my camera on me.

My goto for personal use is my Lumix LX100. I beat the crap out of it and it continues to reward me with lovely images when I need it most. I don't use a case, just a Peak Design wrist strap. When not in use the LX100 is attached on my Chrome messenger via the Peak Capture Pro. This way the LX100 is always available to quickly grab and snap.

Some friends and I kinda crashed a massive house party in east Austin (I think) over the weekend and found something amazing. The party was huge, at least 100 people and the house was quite large on a massive lot but in the back....ah there it was, my photo, just waiting for me to make it happen.


The light was low, way low but I could care less about ISO, noise and other technical things people seem to get hung up on in online forums. I was here and either I was going to make something happen or forever remember what I had missed.

I started snapping away, moving between RAW+JPEG and 4K Photo. Not knowing anyone and they not knowing me I must have been the strange older guy at the party but no one cared. I kept snappin and they kept skating. It was a beautiful moment of authentic Austin youth culture and it was mine for the taking.

After the fellas were finished with their session I approached John to introduce myself and exchange email addys then I asked John to step on the ramp for his portrait.

Sometime Sunday morning I took a Lyft home and ended up working on the edits on my Surface Pro 3. I organized my work in Lightroom and processed the RAW file in DXO Optics Pro which did a fantastic job of getting me exactly what I wanted.

The images are loose, technically flawed but honest and in the end that's all I care about in my work as of late. Honest, authentic photography.