G Drive ev ATC vs Carnado

One thing every photographer needs to have in their conversation is storage. Even if my fantasy of tablet and cloud storage are to become true, and were close, I'd still prefer to have local storage for my work especially when in remote areas where there might not be a LTE connection.

A Drive thats part of a system

Think of the ev ATC part of a system of drives from G Technology. The ev drives are a series of slim drives that come in various configurations. Some come ruggedized, while others are SSD and some like the ev 220 come in at 2TB. Each drive can fit into the G Dock ev which is a hot swappable or RAID capable two bay dock. I love the idea of the system actually. I think of the G Tech ev system like I do my cameras. Buy the G Dock ev for your desktop, take the ev drives on the go with you and when you need them to be extra tough use the ATC.

In Use

Since I'm living with a Surface Pro 3 and some Mac's in my office I need to have a drive that can go between all systems with ease. My Mac Pro and Surface Pro 3 both use USB 3 while my Macbook Pro uses both USB 3 and the faster Firewire. Since the G Drive ev ATC has both USB 3 and Thunderbolt its easy to move between all my systems as long as the drive is formatted in ExFAT.

The G Drive ev ATC uses both USB 3 to connect the internal EV drive while the waterproof ATC part of the drive uses Thunderbolt. Since USB 3 already maxes out the speed of a standard platter based HD, the only benefit of having Thunderbolt is for connectivity options although I'm sure with the SSD based ev drive it would be a different story.  All things considered this is a fast drive and my tests surprised me. I knew going in there was no way the ev ATC would keep up with a Thunderbolt SSD but I was surprised to see that the G Drive ev ATC was faster than my LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt.

Black Magic Design Disk Speed Test

The stand out feature of the G Drive ev ATC is durability so to test it I first left the drive in the rain for about 30 minutes. I'll admit that I was a bit hesitant to put a hard drive in the rain but after the ev came out of the ATC shell clean and dry I wanted to up the stakes and put the drive to the test. You're going to have to watch the video to see for yourself. I had no idea what torture the G Drive ev ATC could handle. Now I do. ;-)

Buy or no Buy?

The easy answer is yes, you should buy the G Drive ev ATC. It's not a drive you're going to find in the bargain bin at a big box electronics store so if you're only objective is price then pass but consider this. The ev series starts at $99 and the All Terrain Case is only $50 so it won't break the bank. The version I have is 1TB with the ATC which will run you $229 and I think this pricing is right in line considering the thing will survive just about anything you throw at it.

Overall I'm very happy with the EV. When I want a slim drive for my Surface Pro 3 I got it. When I want to go rugged I got it and I don't worry about if the drive will take abuse. The G Drive ev ATC is built like a tank, one that will protect your work regardless of the situation.

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Safe to say the G Drive ev ATC is well balanced

Safe to say the G Drive ev ATC is well balanced