Simplicity and a Happy Life


Back in the 90s I was a web designer. That was a wild ride, the industry had no idea how to make money, VC would run dry every six months or so and is be out of a job.

Every company I worked for had a few things in common

  • They were offering solutions for problems that didn't exist.
  • Spending mass amounts of money did not fix the core issue (see above).
  • The services were complicated.

At the time my website was coded, animated and designed in Flash by yours truly. My own site was complicated from the get go but it looked cool. Every time I'd finish a build I'd be happy with it for about three months...just enough time to kinda forget the pain and trouble I went through to build the site. I'd think of some new ideas, get exited, build it out and by the time I would be done with the build I as exhausted. This was some type of self masochistic vicious circle of insanity that was my life.

Back in the 90s a good portfolio site would easily cost in the tens of thousands of dollars, take a team of experts many hours to build deeply and then maintain.

Learning to let go

Since web design was my career I didn't mind the insanity of it all but I didn't love it. What I loved was photography.

Since moving into photography full time ten years ago I had about a dozen different websites. Most of which I had my hand in deep or designed and built myself.

Similar to my actions in the 90s, whenever I'd build out a portfolio site I'd have moments of bliss thinking about how amazing the site it going to, it's features and how the site is going to wow visitors. Where I had gone wrong (and I say this all the time which is why it's nuts) is that I forgot content is king.

Now as I'm closing into my 40th year on earth I've finally have learned to let go. It's time Giulio the photographer be a photographer.