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Profiles & Presets for
Micro 4/3rds.

Available June 28th

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Expand Dynamic Range and Deepen Color.

Available for purchase are four core Adobe Camera RAW profiles explicitly designed to maximize color and dynamic range of Micro 4/3 sensors. Color Profiles for Camera RAW get closer to the light-data captured from the camera's sensor than a preset, thus allowing for more dynamic range and deeper color. When used right, the results are files that have both vibrant color and dynamic range not possible with presets alone and magnitudes more than what in-camera jpegs allow.


Core Technology: Dynamax

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Out of Camera

Out of Camera

The most prominent challenge photographers face when using Micro 4/3rds cameras is capturing a wide dynamic range in their images. All too often, you have to decide if you want to keep highlights at the expense of shadow noise or clip the highlights and capture clean shadows. Solutions like HDR bracketing require stationary subjects and often renders images with substantial false color.


Dynamax with Panachrome BC

Dynamax with Panachrome BC

Dynamax for Micro 4/3 expands the dynamic range by approximately 1 stop, opening up the shadows and rendering a smoother roll-off from highlights to pure whites. This gives photographers freedom to capture in high contrast lighting like never before. Dynamax is at the core technology of all profiles developed.


Superior Profiles that Inspire.

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Expands Dynamic Range. Neutral Color and Tonal Response.

Dynamax is the perfect foundation if your work is post-production heavy, potentially fix over/underexposed shots or build your own custom presets to suit your vision. Designed specifically to maximize dynamic range and color response of Micro 4/3rds sensors.


O-Neg Super

Rich color. Detailed Shadows.

The deep, vibrant blues and fine grain of O-Neg BC but with extended dynamic range in the shadows. O-Neg Super is perfect on bright, contrasty days when you want to bring attention to blue skies while preserving details in the shadows of the scene.


Panachrome BC

Bold Color. Vivid Details.

Panachrome BC is a color look with excellent color quality, sharpness, and fine grain. Recommended for bright light situations where you want to emphasize deep, rich colors.

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Even tonality. Classic.

This classic black-and-white look allows for maximum flexibility. Push the tones around when you need it, leave it alone when you want maximum dynamic range. Suitable for even the most challenging lighting situations, Micropan renders a level of realism that only a classic black-and-white photograph can.

Dynapak MKI

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Four Profiles. Creative Presets. Endless Possibilities.

Dynapak MKI gives you everything you need to make your Micro 4/3rds raw files come alive with color and tonality. Dynapak profiles set the foundation of your color and monochrome workflows and can be adjusted with a built-in slider for fine-tuning. The presets pair up with profiles to add additional character to your raw files and is an excellent starting point to develop your own presets.

Dynapak RAW Workflow and Color Theory Basics Tutorial Included.

Dynapak Masterclass.001.jpeg

Not satisfied with providing the best profiles and presets for Micro 4/3rds photographers, Dynapak MKI includes video-based education on color workflow. In this training, Giulio covers the basics of color theory, how to install Dynapak on both desktop and mobile devices and how he uses Dynapak to get the most out of his Micro 4/3rds raw files.

Panachrome BC

Dynapak MKI includes the following:

  1. Dynamax

  2. Panachrome BC

  3. O-Neg Super

  4. Micropan

  5. Creative Presets

  6. Dynapak Masterclass Training Video.

  7. Updates for Dynapak MKI are free forever.

Dynapak MKI
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Dynapak MKI at Work


Panachrome BC

Panachrome BC

O-Neg Super

O-Neg Super


“Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you're passionate about something, then you're more willing to take risks.”

Yo-Yo Ma

Giulio Sciorio

Behind the Color Science


A Photographic

Giulio Sciorio at Fox Animation

Giulio Sciorio began his career in color in the late '90s when he was a colorist for Fox Animation. Since then, he's honed his gift for seeing color into his post-production workflow for commercial clients and now for the first time is offering is his creation of raw profiles and tutorials to the photographic community. Giulio is one of the first professional photographers to move from DSLR's to mirrorless in 2010 choosing Micro 4/3rds as his preferred camera system.

Giulio Sciorio Tatu Baby

Giulio has completed hundreds of commissions using the Micro 4/3rds system and has worked with both Olympus and Panasonic to educate and inspire thousands of photographers worldwide. Additionally, while Giulio’s vision for the future of photography has earned him praise as “Ahead of the Curve” by Shutterbug Magazine and featured in Motion Arts Pro Master Series, his work was recognized by SPD as a top 10 weekly cover and has been awarded an addy and press award for photography.

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Put in your pre-order today and you’ll be first to receive this amazing set of profiles and presets designed exclusively by Giulio Sciorio for the Micro 4/3rds system. For the introductory price of only $40 you get:

  • Dynamax

  • Panachrome BC

  • O-Neg Super

  • Micropan

  • Creative Presets

  • Color Theory Foundations Training Video.

  • Updates for Dynapak MKI are free forever.

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Dynapak is compatible with Adobe Camera RAW 10.3 or later, Lightroom Classic 7.3 or later and Lightroom CC 1.3 or later.