You're an artist that happens to use a camera. Sometimes you get lost in the moment when the light paints a scene. With camera in hand and viewfinder up to your eye, you are transported to a different world where the challenges of everyday living melt away, and it's just you and the photograph.

About G šŸ¤˜šŸ»

Iā€™m Giulio Sciorio but my friends call me ā€œGā€ and Iā€™ve been a leader in photography since 2009. I predicted things like cinemagraphs, vertical video and am the only photographer to have been sponsored by both Olympus and Panasonic. My edgy but real conversations got me on the best photo podcasts in the world, got me on stage at CES, Imaging USA, WPPI and a few keynotes at my favorite photo conferences. I favor smaller shows like Out of Chicago and Capture Con because like you, I believe spending time learning the craft is more important than sitting in a room while someone plugs their product over and over and over.

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