What’s in Your Wallet? Your Card Wallet That Is!

Shooting multi day sporting events means that I have to be ready for anything and super organized so that I don’t miss any of the action. Not too different from shooting weddings, corporate events or any location work. One way that I keep my work flowing without incident or accident is to have a system for organizing my card wallet.

My system involves the position of the cards and their orientation. When I open my Pelican card wallet (which I love for its ruggedness, organizability, and waterproof-ness) I know at a glance which cards are:

  • Formatted and ready to use
  • Ready to be formatted
  • Copied to the Hard Drive but not backed up
  • Contain data that has not been copied to any Hard Drive

I also have a rule – no formatting a card until the data on it has been copied to a hard drive and then backed up.

Here’s my system. It’s not important that you use it as it is that you have a system of your own that works for you and that you use every time!

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One Response to What’s in Your Wallet? Your Card Wallet That Is!

  1. Chris Leskovsek March 18, 2013 at 4:37 pm #

    great video. funny i do something quite simliar with my cards!. nice!.

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